A lot of Growing Up to Do After 9/11: 13 Years Later
A Short and Personal Story/Tribute

(US Navy Photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Peter D. Lawlor/Released)


We are almost at the weekend! Coffee up! 

(NHHC/US Navy Photo Archive)

Next year, the United States Naval Reserve celebrates its centennial anniversary. In honor of this hallmark date, we will be posting a variety of images and stories related to the history of the Naval Reserve. Our very own historian, Dr. David Winkler, will release a coffee table book late this year. Here is an early USNR propaganda/recruitment poster from the WWI era. (LOC Image: LC-USZC4-7796)

Tuesdays are all about posting interesting anecdotes where naval history and pop culture meet. Today’s #NavyHistoryinPopCulture: Admiral James L. Holloway, a crash dummy, and Top Gun.



Everyone loves the 80s, right?

You remember the slogan, “It’s Not Just a Job, It’s an Adventure?” Well, here is the proof that sailors in the 1980s saw (and still do) some really awesome sights in ports around the world.

See the Photos HERE.

Was doing a little research this morning from the 1944 Editions of the NTS Norfolk Seabag (Training Station Newsletter), and came across this photograph of a little girl posing with the “Seven Dwarves.”  Cue your nightmare generator.