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(NHHC/US Navy Photo Archive)

Next year, the United States Naval Reserve celebrates its centennial anniversary. In honor of this hallmark date, we will be posting a variety of images and stories related to the history of the Naval Reserve. Our very own historian, Dr. David Winkler, will release a coffee table book late this year. Here is an early USNR propaganda/recruitment poster from the WWI era. (LOC Image: LC-USZC4-7796)

Tuesdays are all about posting interesting anecdotes where naval history and pop culture meet. Today’s #NavyHistoryinPopCulture: Admiral James L. Holloway, a crash dummy, and Top Gun.



Everyone loves the 80s, right?

You remember the slogan, “It’s Not Just a Job, It’s an Adventure?” Well, here is the proof that sailors in the 1980s saw (and still do) some really awesome sights in ports around the world.

See the Photos HERE.

Was doing a little research this morning from the 1944 Editions of the NTS Norfolk Seabag (Training Station Newsletter), and came across this photograph of a little girl posing with the “Seven Dwarves.”  Cue your nightmare generator. 

First photographs showing all four women’s branches of the armed services in uniform. The photographs have been taken in compliance with a request to show the distinguishing features of each type of uniform and to aid the public in identifying each branch. Left to right: Second Lieutenant Doris Hyde of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, U.S. Army Nurse Corps; Ensign Mary E. Hill of Elizabeth City, North Carolina, U.S. Navy Nurse Corps; Lieutenant Marion R. Enright of Forest Hills, Long Island, New York, of the WAVES (Women Accepted to Voluntary Emergency Service); Lieutenant Alberta M. Holdsworth of Boston, Massachusetts, of the WAACs (Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps). The photographs were taken at Washington, D.C. (LOC Photo: LC-USE6- D-007496)
We had a blast talking to everybody at the Surface Navy Association Conference this year. Seeing VADM Michelle Howard was a great way to close it out. Here she is being interviewed during the final day of the conference. Oh, by the way, if you haven’t read our recent blog post about her:http://ow.ly/sGixS