"Into the Lion’s Den" Exhibit - Heavy Cruiser USS Newport News (CA-148)

Today we present a series of photos of the heavy cruiser USS Newport News (CA-148), the centerpiece of the new 2012 exhibit planed for the Cold War Gallery. Ship photos taken from collection of Naval History and Heritage Command, patch photo taken from collection of Naval Historical Foundation

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New Exhibit Announced for U.S. Navy Museum’s Cold War Gallery

Design and Production, Inc., a leading builder of large, complex museum exhibits, has been contracted to build “Into the Lion’s Den,” a new Cold War Gallery exhibit at the U.S. Navy Museum. Scheduled for completion by June 2012 as commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the war in Vietnam begins, “Into the Lion’s Den” describes the history of two events: Operation Sea Dragon, the shelling of coastal targets in North Vietnam by Navy and allied warships, and “Lion’s Den” the August 1972 night bombardment of Haiphong harbor area targets by a four ship Navy flotilla.

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Former Vietnam POW Visits Cold War Gallery

Captain Bob Naughton, USN (Ret), a former prisoner of war during the Vietnam War, poses for a photo with the prison camp model of the “Zoo,” where he spent time during his captivity, just a few miles outside of the city of Hanoi in North Vietnam. Captain Naughton visited the Cold War Gallery, Wednesday, 1 February…

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Grumman A-6E Intruder model, sponsored by Captain John H. Fellowes, VA-65, 1966. Model was hand built by Michael McLeod for the Cold War Gallery at Washington Navy Yard. It is a replica of the Intruder that Fellowes and LTJG George Coker were shot down in over Vietnam in 1966, after which both men were taken prisoner.

Upcoming Additions to Vietnam War Booklet Series

The Naval Historical Foundation and the Naval History and Heritage Command are co-sponsoring a series of illustrated booklets to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War.

Forthcoming booklets in the series include: Green Hell: Combat on the Rivers and Canals of Vietnam by Marolda and R. Blake Dunnavent; Thunder From the Sea: The Rolling Thunder Campaign by Norman Polmar; and The End of the Saga: Seaborne Evacuation from Indochina by Malcolm Muir. Additional works are being prepared by distinguished historians on naval intelligence; Navy wartime leaders; SEALs and special warfare; naval advisors and the Vietnam Navy; Seabees; and maritime logistics.

This 1967 U.S. Navy documentary looks at the sailors operating on the rivers and in the skies above Vietnam. Source: Naval History and Heritage Command, Photographic Section UMO-25.

Brown Water Navy in Vietnam

2012 marks the beginning of commemorations for the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration has launched a website (http://www.vietnamwar50th.com) which has information on the anniversary, and on the war itself. The website is a work in progress, and features an expansive interactive timeline of the war, featuring images and reference material. The Naval Historical Foundation will also be taking steps to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. We are planning a major announcement soon on new Vietnam exhibit construction at the Cold War Gallery. We’re also planning to do a series of stories throughout the year on the Navy’s role in the war, and we want to begin the series with a number of stories on the “Brown Water Navy.”

PTF (Fast Patrol Boat “Nasty” Class), PG (Ashville Class Patrol Gunboat), and PBR (River Patrol Boat) (Sketch by John Charles Roach, Naval History and Heritage Command L-File)