Group Seeks to Bring ex-USS Charles F Adams to Jacksonville

A few weeks ago, we shared the story of our trip to Philadelphia to scavenge parts off a Cold War destroyer, ex-USS Forrest Sherman. Moored alongside Forrest Sherman is another decommissioned destroyer, ex-USS Charles F. Adams (DDG 2). Coincidentally, just days prior to our trip to Philadelphia, we had the opportunity to meet with John O’Neil in our offices at the Washington Navy Yard. O’Neil is the Executive Director of the Adams Class Museum, a group working to bring the destroyer to Jacksonville as an attraction on the city’s Riverwalk.

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Top Photo: Destroyer ex-USS Charles F. Adams, at the Philadelphia Naval Business Center in April 2012, alongside ex-USS Forrest Sherman and ex-USS Edson

Bottom Photo: A rendering of the proposed location of the destroyer ex-USS Charles F. Adams on the Jacksonville waterfront (image courtesy of the Adams Class Museum)