NHF Donates War of 1812 Vintage Naval Pistol to Navy

The Naval History and Heritage Command at the Washington Navy Yard has an extensive collection of historic arms. It includes weapons from the early 18th century all the way through today. But it was recently determined that the collection had a significant gap from one of our Navy’s earliest conflicts: the War of 1812. With this year’s War of 1812 Bicentennial Commemoration picking up steam under US Navy direction, the Naval Historical Foundation decided to look for an opportunity to acquire an appropriate firearm from that period for the Navy’s collection, for study and for possible future display.

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Afghan War Books Acquired by Navy Department Library

The Naval Historical Foundation is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of three vintage 19th century books for the Navy Department Library. If you recall in November, NHF made an appeal, called “Bucks for Books,” to raise funds for the acquisition of these books for the Library. A number of generous donors stepped forward, and over $2200 was raised. Three books (one of which is a two-volume set) were acquired by NHF, and gifted to the library.