Former Vietnam POW Visits Cold War Gallery

The U.S. Navy’s Cold War Gallery, located at the Washington Navy Yard, pays tribute to the service and sacrifice of the men and women who served during the five tense decades of the latter half of the 20th century. In June, the Naval Historical Foundation cut the ribbon on a new “Battle Behind Bars” exhibit, dedicated to the memory of the U.S. Navy Prisoners of War held during the Vietnam War. On Friday, 28 June, one of those POWs paid a visit to the Gallery, and had the chance to reunite with a unique artifact that he had previously donated – a pair of boxer shorts that he wore during captivity. Captain Ted Triebel, USN (Ret) was a naval aviator whose F-4 Phantom was shot down over North Vietnam by a surface to air missile in August 1972.

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Into the Lion’s Den Exhibit: USS Robison (DDG 12)

We are drawing closer to completion of the new “Into the Lion’s Den” exhibit in the Cold War Gallery, and we’d like to take the  opportunity to remember the fourth U.S. Navy surface warship involved in the 1972 night battle in Haiphong Harbor. We previously shared stories about USS Providence and USS Rowan, as well as a detailed description of the exhibit, which features a recreation of the armored bridge of the cruiser USS Newport News. The fourth ship involved in the battle was the guided missile destroyer USS Robison (DDG 12).

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Into the Lion’s Den Exhibit Installation Underway

All of the hard work and generous donations that have gone into development of the new “Into the Lion’s Den” exhibit at the Cold War Gallery are finally coming together. This week, Design and Production, Inc. has begun preliminary installation of the exhibit in Building 70 at the Washington Navy Yard. The work is being completed in several stages, and is expected to be finished in June. When completed, the exhibit will center around the reconstructed bridge of the heavy cruiser USS Newport News (CA 148). You can read more about the exhibit, and the 1972 Vietnam War night battle it simulates, in our earlier blog story.

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