Here is another great LIFE Magazine cover image about women in the United States Navy. This cover from the 5 JAN 1942 edition features Navy Nurse Alberta Rose Krape. The magazine featured an article about the need for nurses in the Army and Navy. (Photo Credit: LIFE MAGAZINE)


A young Chester Nimitz with his dog, Polly. 

Photo from Chet Lay collection.

March is Women’s History Month. Here is a great photo cover from the 15 March 1943 edition of LIFE Magazine. LIFE ran a full story on the role of women in the military. (Photo Credit LIFE Magazine)


Have you ever stared at a New York Journal cartoon that reads: 

"I would be more apathetic, if i wasn’t so lethargic."

If you answered yes, then read about some real-life versions of those cartoons in today’s NHF blog post. 


Winter Storm #Titan may be bad now, but it was far worse for Josiah Tattnall and the crew of the Saratoga in March 1943. Read about it in today’s NHF blog post.
WASHINGTON NAVY YARD (February 25, 2014) Dogs play outside the Navy Yard parade field under a heavy snow. (Photo by Matthew Eng/Released)

WASHINGTON NAVY YARD (February 24, 2014) NHF Executive Director Captain Todd Creekman, USN (ret.) presents ABH2 Rene E. Horne with an Enterprise challenge coin during a ceremony for the 2013 USS Enterprise leadership award winners in the National Museum of the United States Navy’s Cold War Gallery. (NHF Photo by Matthew Eng/Released)

“The stars and stripes are waving on the land and sea, Underneath this banner Cuba shall be free; The army and the navy, While they’re fighting Spain, Go forth with the watchword, “Remember the ‘Maine!’”

Here is the second of four blogs about the history and memory of the USS Maine and her sinking: In Death Unafraid Part II: Worse Than Hell

The Foundation recently came across some interesting items from the post-WWI era. Check out these pieces of history donated from a one-time kite balloon observer in today’s NHF blog post.

We are trying to mix it up a bit and add some weekly features to the Foundation’s website and social media sites. We will be posting a series of regular “long form” stories as a series of blogs about specific topics of naval history. Stayed tuned for the first series, titled “In Death Unafraid: History, Memory, and the USS Maine.” In Death Unafraid is a four-part blog miniseries chronicling the history and memory of the Maine from 1898 to present. The Maine sank 116 years ago yesterday. 

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