A set of three cruise books from USs McCaffery (DD/DDE 860) was recently donated to the Navy Department Library. Read about the donation of the Cruise Books and the fantastic work by a true unsung hero of naval history, Tonya Montgomery. 

We recently received an email asking about a history of post-WWII Navy uniforms. Unfortunately, much of that history has yet to be written. Why not turn it back to you? Help us curate a timeline of the Navy’s cultural history. Share your images of you in your Navy uniform to us, and we will create a visual timeline of the images online! Be share to include your Name and any information about the uniforms or badges (where it was, year, any info about the uniform). Please share this with your Facebook friends who serve or have served at any point of their lives in the United States Navy! We will be collecting your submitted images until next friday, with the possibility to extend if this project can pick up some speed. Have fun with it! Send your responses to meng@navyhistory.org.
Our interns will be leaving for the summer after tomorrow. It has been so much fun. I saw my lunch beverage as the perfect opportunity to show our appreciation for all of their hard work. Thanks so much Aaron and Alicia!
We are going to do something a little different for this week’s #TBT: Past vs. Present. In honor of a recent lecture about the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) we sponsored at the National Museum of the United States Navy, we are going to focus on the Enterprise (a proud ship whose history encompasses both past and present). We snapped a photo of one of his slides that was particularly intriguing. Any former Enterprise sailors care to weigh in? There are a lot more nicknames found online, many of which are rather “unsavory.” Tell us yours in the comment section below! #ussenterprise 

GROTON, CT (July 22, 2014) 2014 STEM-H Teacher fellows take a second to chat with Connecticut Commissioner of Education, Stefan Pryor. The six STEM-H fellows spent two weeks at the Submarine Force Museum and USS Nautilus creating lesson plans for their schools based off the science and technology of nuclear submarines. Read the full story here:http://www.navyhistory.org/?p=14884

(U.S. Navy Public Affairs Photo)

Today marks the sesquicentennial anniversary of Farragut’s victory at the Battle of Mobile Bay. Why not go “full speed ahead” to the National Museum of the United States Navy to see some of the battle’s most prized artifacts! Read more on the Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial blog.

Next year, the United States Naval Reserve celebrates its centennial anniversary. In honor of this hallmark date, we will be posting a variety of images and stories related to the history of the Naval Reserve. Our very own historian, Dr. David Winkler, will release a coffee table book late this year. Here is an early USNR propaganda/recruitment poster from the WWI era. (LOC Image: LC-USZC4-7796)

Chief Yeoman Daisy May Pratt in colorized flat photo, 1917.
NHHC Photo #94772.

One of our favorite photos from the Cold War: 

Task Group ALFA, formation portrait of the anti-submarine group’s ships and aircraft, taken during 1959 exercises in the Atlantic.

(NHHC Photo #1043094)