Today marks the sesquicentennial anniversary of Farragut’s victory at the Battle of Mobile Bay. Why not go “full speed ahead” to the National Museum of the United States Navy to see some of the battle’s most prized artifacts! Read more on the Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial blog.

Next year, the United States Naval Reserve celebrates its centennial anniversary. In honor of this hallmark date, we will be posting a variety of images and stories related to the history of the Naval Reserve. Our very own historian, Dr. David Winkler, will release a coffee table book late this year. Here is an early USNR propaganda/recruitment poster from the WWI era. (LOC Image: LC-USZC4-7796)

Chief Yeoman Daisy May Pratt in colorized flat photo, 1917.
NHHC Photo #94772.

One of our favorite photos from the Cold War: 

Task Group ALFA, formation portrait of the anti-submarine group’s ships and aircraft, taken during 1959 exercises in the Atlantic.

(NHHC Photo #1043094) 

We continue our coverage of the latest issue of the International Journal of Naval History. Today’s article comes from a bright young mind at the University of Mary Washington. William Kyle discusses the role of the Navy in what he calls the “Pacific Century.” Read on at:


General Douglas A. McArthur, enjoying a corn cob pipe during World War 2, before he became Gen. Douchey McAssface during the Korean War.

Interesting Interpretation. Thoughts?

Independent scholar Hazel Sheeky Bird offers up an insightful take on the role played by naval heroes in Britain and the United States in children’s writing. Read more in the current issues of the International Journal of Naval History.

Photo from Image: 
"Paul Jones the Pirate as Seen by England," Illustrative plate in Willis John Abbot, The Story of Our Navy for Young Americans, from Colonial Days to the Present Time (New York: Dodd, Mead & Co., 1910), facing page 12. 

We are well into the second week of the STEM-H Teacher Fellowshi in Groton, CT at the Submarine Force Museum and USS Nautilus. In honor of the location, here is a little fun submarine battle flat that includes the logos of the schools where the teachers are from: West Side Middle SchoolRobert E. Fitch High SchoolStonington High SchoolDaniel Hand High School, andChariho Regional High School! Read the story from the Naval History & Heritage Command here: