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(NHHC/US Navy Photo Archive)

Not many veterans can say they are paid out their Navy pension in fish. 

In preparation for our featured story tomorrow about another marine mammal, here is your latest edition of #NavyHistoryinPopularCulture.

Brace Yourself - The Naval History Book Sale is coming (27-28 AUG) at the Navy Museum Store at the National Museum of the United States Navy. Maybe you can find some books about Admiral STARK or maybe ADM Rickover, not RICKON. You will have much GREYJOY from all the gray hulls of ships you can read about. Make sure to not HOUND at the front of the museum doors. A throne of naval history knowledge is better than an iron one, anyway. (Original Image courtesy HBO)

Wow. It has surely been an exciting few days for baseball here at nearby Nationals Park. In honor of the Washington National’s win streak, here is a vintage shot of the baseball team from the USS Washington (related only in name). LOC Photo # USZ62-78263

#TBT: Past vs. Present Matchup

It’s #TBT. For our eighth matchup, we wanted to shift course and highlight how important damage control is in the United States Navy. Surely, damage control teams played a huge part in keeping ships like the San Francisco and Samuel B. Roberts afloat. Who would you pick?

I was a Signalman and i was always called a skivvy waver when did that change?

That is the answer! You are correct!

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Tuesdays at NHF social media are #NavyHistoryinPopularCulture. This week’s edition rocks!

Only a few more weeks until the school year starts! Are you excited (parents or students)? Caption: During tour of the Naval Air Reserve Training Unit, NAS, Anacostia, D.C., students from the Capitol Page School, Washington, D.C., line up for Navy chow, November 15, 1949. (NHHC Naval Subjects Collection Photo)